Like Terms Calculator


This calculator allows you to combine the like terms of any algebraic expression to find its simplest form.

How to use the like terms calculator?

Step 1: Enter the algebraic expression in the input box. You can use ^ to write exponents.

Step 2: Click “Simplify” to combine like terms and get a simplified version of the expression.

Step 3: The solution will be displayed at the bottom. When an expression is entered incorrectly, no solution will be displayed.

How to enter algebraic expressions in the calculator?

You can enter algebraic expressions simply by typing in the input box. Use the keypad above the input box to type exponents, fractions, or radicals.

Alternatively, you can enter as follows:

  • To enter exponents, use the ^ sign. For example, x^2+x^3.
  • To enter fractions, use the / sign. The box will display the fraction correctly.
  • You can edit the expression at any time by clicking on the required position or by using the left or right arrow keys.

You can use parentheses to group terms in the expression and indicate operations correctly.

What are like terms?

Like terms are terms of algebraic expressions that contain the same variables raised to the same power.

For example, 2x, 5x, and 6x are like terms because they have only one variable (x) raised to the same power (1).

Constant terms like 3, 6, 7, are also considered like terms.


  • 2x, 3x and 5x, are like terms.
  • 4x², 2x², 3x² are like terms.
  • Simplifying x²+3x+2x²+2x, we have 5x²+3x.

If you want to learn more about like terms, visit our main article.

How to combine like terms?

To combine like terms, we simply add the coefficients of the like terms.

For example, to combine like terms in 4x+5x+3+4+6x, we add the coefficients of the variable x and then add all the constant terms:


= (4x+5x+6x)+(3+4)

= 15x+7

To combine like terms in 5x²+2x+3x²+7x+6x², we add the terms that have the same variables with the same exponent:


= (5x²+3x²+6x²)+(2x+7x)

= 11x²+9x

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