Simplify Algebraic Expressions Calculator


With this calculator, you can simplify a large number of algebraic expressions. You can simplify linear expressions, polynomials, fractional or rational expressions, among others.

How to use the calculator to simplify algebraic expressions?

Step 1: Enter the algebraic expression in the corresponding input box. You can use the keyboard to enter exponents, fractions, and parentheses, among others.

Step 2: Click “Simplify” to get a simplified version of the entered expression.

Step 3: The solution will be displayed at the bottom of the calculator. If the solution is not displayed, the expression was probably not entered correctly.

How to enter algebraic expressions in the calculator?

To enter algebraic expressions, you can simply type using the keyboard. The input box will identify the use of fractions, exponents, roots, and other symbols.

The following are some examples of how to enter more complex expressions:

  • To enter exponents use ^, for example, write x^3+x^2.
  • To enter fractions, use /, for example, 1/3+3/2.
  • You can edit the entered expression by clicking on the required position or using the left or right arrow keys.

The use of parentheses is recommended to write the expression properly. For example, the expression 1/(3x^2) indicates that the entire expression inside the parentheses goes into the denominator of the fraction.

How to simplify algebraic expressions?

Simplifying algebraic expressions means writing this expression in its simplest possible form. To simplify algebraic expressions, we can use the distributive property to remove parentheses or other grouping signs to then combine like terms.

For example, to simplify the expression 2x(x+3)-2x+2, we have to start by using the distributive property to remove the parentheses: 2x²+6x-2x+2. Then, we combine the like terms, that is, the terms that have the same variable raised to the same power: 2x²+4x+2.

We can also simplify algebraic expressions by factoring and solving all applicable operations, especially multiplication and division.


  • Simplifying 2x+3x, we have 5x.
  • Simplifying 2x+4x²+x, we have x(4x+3).
  • Simplifying x²+3x+2, we have (x+1)(x+2).

If you want to learn more about simplifying algebraic expressions, visit our article.

Why simplify algebraic expressions?

By simplifying algebraic expressions, we can obtain the simplest version of the given expression and thus facilitate the resolution of operations with these expressions. When we perform operations such as addition, multiplication, or others with expressions that are not simplified, the process can be longer.

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