50 Sentences with Should – With Pronunciation

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1. You should stop eating so many sweets.

2. She should start working on her assignment immediately.

3. They should not be afraid to ask for help.

4. He should consider switching to a healthier diet.

5. You should rest if you don’t feel well.

6. They should have checked the weather before leaving.

7. I should call them to confirm the meeting.

8. He should try to save money for his future.

9. We should leave early to make it to the show in time.

10. She should apologize for her behavior.

11. You should put on a sweater, it’s cold outside.

12. They should be more careful with their belongings.

13. He should return the book to the library before it’s due.

14. You should talk to your boss about your concerns.

15. We should spend more time together as a family.

16. They should learn to respect each other’s differences.

17. You should exercise daily to stay fit.

18. She should attend the seminar for her professional growth.

19. He should sleep early for his health.

20. They should recycle more to help the environment.

21. We should appreciate the good things in life.

22. They should avoid wasting food.

23. You should wash your hands before eating.

24. They should work together to solve this problem.

25. I should write a letter to my grandmother.

26. We should try to save water.

27. She should finish her homework before watching TV.

28. You should turn off the lights when you leave the room.

29. He should say ‘please’ when asking for something.

30. We should practice social distancing during a pandemic.

31. He should quit smoking for his health.

32. They should read more books.

33. I should not eat late at night.

34. You should give him a second chance.

35. She should wear a helmet while riding a bike.

36. He should download the updates for his computer.

37. We should study harder for the next exam.

38. They should consult a professional.

39. She should check her email for the confirmation.

40. He should walk the dog in the morning.

41. You should clean your room.

42. We should go for a walk in the park.

43. He should not forget to take his medicine.

44. You should visit your dentist every six months.

45. They should turn off the gas before leaving home.

46. She should not ignore her symptoms.

47. You should follow the instructions carefully.

48. He should revise his notes before the test.

49. She should complete her project before the deadline.

50. You should brush your teeth twice a day.

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