50 Sentences with Pronouns – With Pronunciation

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1. I love to read and I usually read a book a week.

2. When you complete your work, place it in the box.

3. We are planning to throw a party this weekend.

4. She lost her keys and doesn’t know where she left them.

5. Did you remember to lock the door when you left?

6. We need to remember to pack swimming costumes.

7. John said he was going to the store.

8. She finally said yes to his marriage proposal.

9. Everyone loves that chocolate cake because it tastes so good.

10. The Smiths are remodeling their house because they want a bigger kitchen.

11. I hope you have a good time at the party.

12. They enjoyed themselves because they love beach holidays.

13. Can you tell if it is going to rain today?

14. You should always tell the truth.

15. We are responsible for the tasks that we have been given.

16. She is not going to be able to come to the party even though she really wants to.

17. I play basketball every weekend.

18. They love their dog as if it were their child.

19. Robert does his chores every day without fail because he is very disciplined.

20. You never know what you have until you lose it.

21. They go to the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

22. She treasures her children and loves them more than she does herself.

23. Is it going to be sunny tomorrow?

24. He is always late for work.

25. I love the smell of coffee in the morning.

26. The kids were so excited about their vacation that they could hardly sleep.

27. We must embrace change if we want to move forward.

28. She knows that she did the right thing.

29. You can make a difference in someone’s life.

30. He is very conscientious about his work and always does his best because he wants to succeed.

31. It is important to make sure you have your priorities straight.

32. We like to hike in the mountains.

33. They have a big yard where they can play.

34. She gave her seat up for an elderly man because she was raised to be respectful.

35. The weather is getting colder; it looks like winter is here.

36. We should all strive to be the best version of ourselves.

37. You need to have faith in your abilities.

38. Her dog is very playful; it loves to chase balls.

39. They decided to adopt a pet.

40. I am planning to travel next year.

41. He never misses a chance to help others.

42. You look beautiful in that dress.

43. The cat loves to play with its toys because it keeps it occupied.

44. They received a surprise gift from their grandparents.

45. We should always respect our elders.

46. You can always rely on her in times of need.

47. He is a man of his word.

48. They are planning a surprise birthday party for their mom.

49. I love the peace and quiet of the countryside.

50. They welcomed their new baby boy into the family with open arms and they couldn’t be happier.

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