50 Sentences with Prepositions – With Pronunciation

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1. I left my keys on the table.

2. She lives in a small town.

3. My cat hides under the sofa whenever there is a loud noise.

4. Please, write your name on the contract.

5. He gifted his mom a beautiful necklace for her birthday.

6. Please put the dishes back in the cupboard.

7. I found my lost ring behind the dresser.

8. He worries about his exams for weeks before they take place.

9. He stopped at the bakery to buy some fresh bread.

10. She always has lunch at 1 p.m.

11. The train goes from London to Edinburgh.

12. She is currently at work.

13. My dog is usually running around in the park.

14. Your shoes are under the bed.

15. My friend lives across the street.

16. Her gloves are on the table.

17. She was born on a warm July morning.

18. His office is down the hall to the left.

19. They left for their trip early in the morning.

20. The park is full of families on the weekends.

21. I always put my purse next to the door.

22. She talked on the phone for hours.

23. The dog is hiding under the bed.

24. He swam across the lake.

25. The cat climbed up the tree.

26. She’s been living in that house for years.

27. The book is lying on the table.

28. He got stuck in traffic and was late for the meeting.

29. She is waiting for her friend at the coffee shop.

30. They boarded the train at the station.

31. She jumped into the pool.

32. He shouted across the room.

33. Our flight leaves from Terminal 3.

34. The town is located between two mountains.

35. They traveled through France to get to Spain.

36. I ran around the park.

37. Please clean up after your pets.

38. The bird landed on the branch.

39. There’s a lantern hanging above the door.

40. She put her hand into her bag.

41. We walked along the river until sunset.

42. The car is parked in front of the house.

43. The award ceremony will take place at the theater.

44. I left my notes at home.

45. Her office is beside the cafeteria.

46. She was sitting behind me in the stadium.

47. We’ll walk back home through the park.

48. I’m planning to visit Japan in spring.

49. I was waiting for you at the subway station.

50. The spoons are in the top drawer.

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