50 Sentences with Nouns – With Pronunciation

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1. The cat plays with the ball.

2. I left my umbrella at the restaurant.

3. Please put the book on the shelf.

4. Let’s take the bus to the city center.

5. He opened the window to let in some fresh air.

6. My phone needs to be charged.

7. Dinner was delicious, especially the chicken.

8. The computer crashed and I lost everything.

9. He sat down at the table.

10. She took off her jacket and hung it on the chair.

11. Can you please pass the salt?

12. I’ve never seen such a huge tree before.

13. There’s a spider on the ceiling.

14. Let’s meet at the park at six.

15. Put your shoes in the closet.

16. I left the keys on the table.

17. The moon is full tonight.

18. She put the groceries in the fridge.

19. Do you have a spare pen?

20. He put down his glass and left.

21. Can I borrow your laptop?

22. He swung the bat and hit the ball.

23. She loves playing the piano.

24. Who moved my bag?

25. He can’t find his wallet.

26. I love that song.

27. The car broke down on the highway.

28. We spent the whole day at the beach.

29. She put the letter in the envelope.

30. The sun is shining bright.

31. He bought a new television.

32. She painted a beautiful picture.

33. He rode his bike to school.

34. Can I have a cookie?

35. She grows her own flowers.

36. We watched a movie together.

37. He forgot his homework at home.

38. My favorite color is blue.

39. I love to read books in my spare time.

40. I need to charge my phone.

41. He is handing out a pencil to everyone.

42. Don’t forget to take your medicine.

43. They displayed the artwork in a museum.

44. I need a new calendar for the year.

45. She always brings her umbrella when it’s cloudy.

46. He needs a glass of water.

47. She left her phone in the car.

48. The dog is playing in the yard.

49. Open the window for fresh air.

50. My bed is so comfy.

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