50 Sentences with Must – With Pronunciation

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1. To drive a car, one must have a valid driver’s license.

2. All passengers must wear seat belts at all times for safety.

3. You must complete all assignments before the deadline.

4. Students must attend the lecture to understand the topic.

5. Visitors must sign in at the front desk.

6. Candidates must meet all the requirements to be considered.

7. One must never forget to show gratitude.

8. To enter the contest, you must submit an entry form.

9. We must respect the rules of the game.

10. Travelers must check in at least two hours before the flight.

11. You must turn off all electronic devices during takeoff.

12. The children must be supervised at all times.

13. You must keep off the grass in the park.

14. She must apologize for her mistake.

15. Employees must wear their ID badges at work.

16. He must take his medicine to get better.

17. All team members must contribute to the project.

18. You must arrive on time for the meeting.

19. She must practice every day to improve her skills.

20. They must save money for their future.

21. Parents must ensure their children’s safety.

22. You must not drink and drive.

23. Workers must follow safety protocols.

24. Tourists must have a valid visa to enter the country.

25. One must acknowledge one’s own mistakes.

26. The building must comply with fire safety regulations.

27. You must renew your passport before it expires.

28. She must finish her thesis to graduate.

29. Patients must disclose all medical conditions to the doctor.

30. Everyone must evacuate the building during a fire drill.

31. The chef must wash hands before preparing food.

32. You must keep a safe distance while driving.

33. Athletes must train regularly to stay in shape.

34. You must be over 18 to enter the club.

35. To bake a cake, you must follow the recipe.

36. He must adjust the settings for a better performance.

37. All sales must be recorded for tax purposes.

38. We must leave early to catch the train.

39. Drivers must stop at red lights.

40. She must obtain permission to access the files.

41. You must reboot the computer for the changes to take effect.

42. Swimmers must shower before entering the pool.

43. You must read the instructions carefully before assembling the furniture.

44. The detective must gather all the evidence to solve the case.

45. He must confront his fears to overcome them.

46. A journalist must verify facts before publishing an article.

47. One must maintain balance between work and leisure.

48. You must not ignore warning signs of health issues.

49. The team must analyze the results to plan the next steps.

50. To improve your vocabulary, you must read more.

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