50 Sentences with Modal Verbs – With Pronunciation

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1. I can swim across the lake.

2. You should take your medicine now.

3. He could have gone to the cinema with us.

4. I must finish this assignment today.

5. You might find that book at the library.

6. We shall meet at the park.

7. She would have liked to join us for dinner.

8. They can help you fix your car.

9. I will ask him to get the groceries.

10. You should not smoke in public places.

11. He must have forgotten to turn off the stove.

12. We could go to the beach this weekend.

13. They would love to join us for the trip.

14. You can join us for a swim.

15. He may come for the party.

16. I would have helped you with your homework.

17. You must not forget your passport.

18. The players could have won the match.

19. I should not eat junk food.

20. She might come to the party.

21. The cat will chase the mouse.

22. They must apologize for their behavior.

23. We could have gone for ice cream.

24. You should wear a hat in the sun.

25. I will not tolerate this behavior.

26. They might go for a picnic if the weather is nice.

27. She should have been more careful.

28. We would have won if we had played better.

29. He can play musical instruments.

30. They will not drink coffee at night.

31. She might arrive late due to traffic.

32. I may not be able to make it to the meeting.

33. He must have been tired after the long journey.

34. We should check the thermostat.

35. You can complete this hike.

36. He might have finished his homework.

37. I would like to try Thai food.

38. Everyone should learn how to cook.

39. She can complete the job on time.

40. They must be proud of their achievement.

41. I will take care of the baby.

42. You should not lie to your parents.

43. The driver must follow the traffic rules.

44. I could have done better on the test.

45. She would not discuss her plans.

46. You can visit a doctor if you’re not feeling well.

47. He may participate in the debate.

48. My brother will pass his driving test.

49. We should respect our elders.

50. You might need a jacket in case it gets cold.

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