50 Sentences with Conjunctions – With Pronunciation

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1. Sandra loves shopping, but she has no money.

2. She always listens to music while doing homework.

3. My mother will cook pasta or tacos for dinner.

4. I wanted to play basketball, yet it was raining outside.

5. He has a lot of assignments so he won’t come to the party.

6. My sister likes chocolate but I don’t.

7. You can either study here or go home.

8. We all must work hard and be honest.

9. He got angry because I arrived late.

10. She loves reading books, yet she has no time to read.

11. Either study hard or fail in the exam.

12. I bought a gift for her, but she didn’t like it.

13. He could not attend the function because he was sick.

14. She didn’t notice the time while she was reading.

15. I can’t go outside since it is raining.

16. He is rich, yet he lives a simple life.

17. Although it was a sunny day, we didn’t go to the beach.

18. I want to buy a car, but I don’t have enough money.

19. He failed the exam because he did not study well.

20. You can either go to the park or stay at home.

21. She loves watching movies and listening to music.

22. He worked hard so he became successful.

23. I have a headache because I studied all night.

24. We did not go outside since it was too hot.

25. I did not eat anything today so I am very hungry.

26. Although he was tired, he kept walking.

27. You should either study or sleep now.

28. He was not only kind, but also helpful.

29. I have completed my work, so I am going home.

30. She is not only intelligent, but also hardworking.

31. We can shop either from the mall or the market.

32. Although I am tired, I can’t sleep.

33. My father is strict yet loving.

34. He is smart, but he is not hardworking.

35. I wanted to go to the party, however, I was not invited.

36. He was disappointed, yet he kept his smile.

37. You can either agree with me or keep quiet.

38. She is not only a good cook, but also a good housekeeper.

39. Although he was poor, he was happy.

40. I have to wake up early so I’m going to bed now.

41. I failed the test because I didn’t study.

42. He is small, but he is strong.

43. We are playing outside, even though it’s raining.

44. I can’t go to the party because I have a fever.

45. He is very tired, however, he is still working.

46. They are not only good singers, but also good dancers.

47. You should either finish your work or go to your room.

48. I can’t go to the cinema tonight since I have an exam tomorrow.

49. We can either travel by bus or by train.

50. I wanted to watch the show, but I had a meeting.

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