50 Sentences with Can – With Pronunciation

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1. She can play the guitar very well.

2. He can cook different types of cuisine.

3. The dog can fetch the ball.

4. You can learn anything if you put your mind to it.

5. I can run faster than him.

6. We can always try to do better.

7. They can go to the concert only if they finish their homework.

8. My mom can make wonderful cakes.

9. This computer can process multiple tasks at the same time.

10. Anyone can join the club.

11. She can take the bus to the library.

12. They can visit us next weekend.

13. Children can learn languages very quickly.

14. He can drive a car.

15. Your friend can join us for dinner.

16. The cat can climb trees.

17. I can help you with your homework.

18. She can swim across the river.

19. He can solve math problems easily.

20. You can see the city view from this tower.

21. We can finish this project in a week.

22. I can bring the food for the party.

23. My teacher can speak three languages.

24. Canaries can sing beautifully.

25. If you get up early, you can catch the sunrise.

26. They can ride the bicycle without stabilisers.

27. I can read your mind.

28. She can beat anyone in chess.

29. He can play basketball for hours without getting tired.

30. There’s no one who can beat his scores in the game.

31. You can find everything on the internet.

32. His grandpa can tell amazing stories.

33. The bird can mimic human speech.

34. He can carry the heavy box himself.

35. Although it’s a tiny device, it can store a lot of data.

36. He can play the entire song from memory.

37. Robots can perform tasks faster than humans.

38. I can memorize the entire poem.

39. An elephant can live for over 70 years.

40. She can paint with both hands.

41. If we leave now, we can reach on time.

42. He can spot a lie easily.

43. The medical professional can be reached in an emergency.

44. She can tell a story in an impressive manner.

45. You can call him for assistance.

46. We can see stars on a clear night.

47. The boat can carry up to 20 people at a time.

48. Your brother can fix any electronic device.

49. They can travel the world with their earnings.

50. The school can be reached within 10 minutes by car.

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