50 Sentences with Auxiliary Verbs – With Pronunciation

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1. She is singing in the choir.

2. You have made a brilliant point.

3. I will go to the supermarket later.

4. We can solve this problem together.

5. They must have left already.

6. She does not like spinach.

7. I am studying for a test.

8. You would love the movie.

9. We should start our project.

10. They might arrive anytime now.

11. You will be rewarded for your efforts.

12. We have been waiting for two hours.

13. They may go for a picnic tomorrow.

14. She could win the scholarship.

15. I do not agree with your argument.

16. You are doing a great job.

17. He should have called by now.

18. You might need an umbrella.

19. He will catch up with us later.

20. You have been really helpful.

21. They must be waiting for us.

22. I can solve this puzzle.

23. You would enjoy the concert.

24. We are going on a trip.

25. He has done a ton of jobs today.

26. You do play the guitar very well.

27. We should consider all options.

28. They might change their minds later.

29. He could solve the problem on his own

30. We will cook dinner together.

31. They are enjoying the party.

32. She may leave for her hometown tomorrow.

33. I should take care of my health.

34. We have made a difference.

35. They could understand the language.

36. The cat is sleeping on the couch.

37. You will regret if you do not study.

38. The children have a day off from school.

39. We might choose a different venue.

40. They are playing football.

41. She can finish the book today.

42. I would like to order pizza.

43. You should water the plants daily.

44. We have decided to sell the car.

45. They will join the party late.

46. He does not like to travel alone.

47. I am learning a new language.

48. They might close the park due to rain.

49. We must finish this task today.

50. He could help with the decoration.

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