50 Sentences with Adverbs of Frequency – With Pronunciation

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1. I always brush my teeth before going to bed.

2. Sara never misses her morning yoga class.

3. Alexander usually arrives at work by 9 am.

4. They occasionally go out for dinner on weekends.

5. We rarely watch television during the week.

6. The train is frequently delayed due to technical issues.

7. Emily is often praised for her excellent work.

8. Diana seldom takes a day off from his busy schedule.

9. Lucas and Hannah are constantly learning new things in their field.

10. I sometimes forget to turn off the lights when I leave a room.

11. Olivia regularly volunteers at the local animal shelter.

12. Jhon hardly ever eats junk food.

13. They normally spend their summers at the beach.

14. We occasionally attend concerts in the city.

15. The store is usually crowded on weekends.

16. She is rarely late for her appointments.

17. He frequently travels abroad for business.

18. They are often seen walking their dog in the park.

19. I never skip breakfast, as it’s the most important meal of the day.

20. She always double-checks her work before submitting it.

21. He usually goes for a run after work.

22. They occasionally host dinner parties for their friends.

23. We seldom have time to relax during the week.

24. The weather is often unpredictable in this region.

25. Emma is constantly working on improving her skills.

26. Daniel rarely watches movies in theaters, preferring to stream them at home.

27. Amelia and Jacob are usually the first to arrive at meetings.

28. I sometimes forget to call my parents.

29. She frequently volunteers at the local community center.

30. David hardly ever takes a vacation.

31. They normally have a family gathering during the holidays.

32. We occasionally go on weekend hikes.

33. The restaurant is usually busy during lunchtime.

34. She is rarely seen without a smile on her face.

35. Andrew often works late to meet deadlines.

36. They are constantly exploring new hobbies.

37. I never leave the house without my phone.

38. Grace always makes time for her friends.

39. Michael usually prefers to cook his own meals.

40. Eliana and Jacob occasionally attend workshops to enhance their skills.

41. We seldom have the opportunity to travel abroad.

42. The library is often a quiet place to study.

43. Isabella is constantly striving to be a better person.

44. He rarely takes public transportation, preferring to drive.

45. They are usually excited about trying new things.

46. I sometimes forget to water my plants.

47. She frequently participates in charity events.

48. He hardly ever complains, even when faced with challenges.

49. They normally have a weekly family game night.

50. We occasionally enjoy a lazy Sunday morning.

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