50 Sentences with Adjectives – With Pronunciation

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1. The garden was full of colorful flowers.

2. She wore a gorgeous evening gown.

3. He served me a cup of steaming coffee.

4. My grandmother has a very delicate health.

5. The meal was delicious.

6. The box is empty.

7. The event was a resounding success.

8. His suggestion was unexpected.

9. That is a very tall building.

10. This is a very expensive jacket.

11. The wine had a sweet taste.

12. The concert was wonderful.

13. I have a black cat.

14. She is an intelligent woman.

15. They live in a huge mansion.

16. The comfortable sofa was perfect for a nap.

17. His gloomy mood affected everyone around him.

18. We took a short walk around the park.

19. The classroom was filled with excited students.

20. The fireplace gave a warm glow.

21. I saw a rare bird at the park today.

22. She has a very friendly dog.

23. The room was spotless.

24. The crime rate in this area is low.

25. I was given a useful piece of advice.

26. The show was very entertaining.

27. I met a charming gentleman at the party.

28. My friend lives in a beautiful old house.

29. The salty sea air was refreshing.

30. She has a strong personality.

31. He is a hefty man.

32. The clouds look threatening.

33. The journey was long and tiring.

34. She read me a fascinating story.

35. His reaction was amusing.

36. The fabric was soft and light.

37. The teddy bear is cute.

38. I found a bright coin on the road.

39. She has a hearty appetite.

40. This is a dangerous neighborhood.

41. This perfume has a delightful fragrance.

42. Her hair is naturally curly.

43. This is a hot summer.

44. My brother is a cautious driver.

45. The old man has a kind face.

46. He has a fierce temper.

47. She served a nourishing meal.

48. He made a sudden decision.

49. The gift was very precious to her.

50. The dessert was cool and refreshing.

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