50 Sentences in Present Continuous – With Pronunciation

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1. Sarah is studying for her math exam.

2. Are you watching the latest episode of your favorite TV show, Michael?

3. They are discussing the details of the project.

4. Emma and Liam are going on a hike this weekend.

5. I am reading an interesting book about space exploration.

6. Is Maria practicing her violin right now?

7. The children are playing in the park.

8. We are planning our summer vacation.

9. Daniel is fixing his car in the garage.

10. The team is working hard to meet the deadline.

11. Are you and your friends going to the party tonight, Jessica?

12. The chef is preparing a delicious meal.

13. Olivia is writing a letter to her grandparents.

14. The students are listening attentively to the lecture.

15. I am organizing my closet this afternoon.

16. Is David attending the conference next week?

17. The baby is sleeping peacefully in her crib.

18. We are celebrating our anniversary at a fancy restaurant.

19. The artist is painting a beautiful landscape.

20. Are they moving to a new city, Ethan?

21. The dog is chasing a squirrel in the backyard.

22. I am learning a new language online.

23. Sophie is baking cookies for the school bake sale.

24. The musicians are rehearsing for the upcoming concert.

25. Is the waiter bringing our food, Isabella?

26. The construction workers are building a new skyscraper.

27. We are enjoying a day at the beach.

28. The journalist is interviewing a famous actor.

29. Are you taking a break from work, Alexander?

30. The gardener is planting flowers in the front yard.

31. Emily is practicing her yoga poses.

32. The scientists are conducting an experiment in the lab.

33. I am waiting for my flight at the airport.

34. Is the teacher explaining the assignment, Ava?

35. The athletes are training for the upcoming competition.

36. We are having a picnic in the park.

37. The librarian is helping a student find a book.

38. Are you attending the wedding next month, Lucas?

39. The designer is creating a new fashion collection.

40. I am writing a blog post about my travel experiences.

41. The children are learning about dinosaurs in school.

42. Is the doctor examining the patient, Mia?

43. The photographer is taking pictures of the sunset.

44. We are watching a movie at the cinema.

45. The engineer is designing a new software program.

46. Are you enjoying your new hobby, Noah?

47. The family is having a barbecue in their backyard.

48. I am preparing for a job interview tomorrow.

49. The zookeeper is feeding the lions.

50. The pilot is flying the plane to our destination.

50 Sentences in present continuous in English
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