Polynomial Multiplication Calculator



Use this calculator to find the product of a multiplication of two polynomials. Enter the polynomials in the respective input boxes and the product will be displayed at the bottom of the calculator.

How to use the polynomial multiplication calculator?

Step 1: Enter the polynomials in the corresponding input boxes. Take into account the suggestions of the following question to enter the polynomials correctly.

Step 2: Click “Multiply” to get the product of the polynomials entered.

Step 3: The solution together with the entered polynomials will be displayed at the bottom.

How to enter polynomials in the calculator?

To enter polynomials correctly, we must use the * sign to indicate multiplication between variables and coefficients. For example, we can enter 4*x or 5*x instead of 4x or 5x.

We can use the ^ sign to indicate an exponent. For example, we can write x^2 or x^3, to indicate that the variable is being squared and cubed, respectively.

Finally, we can use the / sign to indicate fractional coefficients. For example, by writing 1/2*x, we are indicating that we have a half of x.

The following are some examples of how to enter polynomials into the calculator:

  • To multiply \((5x^2+2x)\times (3x^2+x)\), enter 5*x^2+2*x y 3*x^2+x.
  • To multiply \((\frac{1}{3}t^2+\frac{2}{3}t)\times (5t^2+2t)\), enter 1/3*t^2+2/3*t y 5*t^2+2*t.

What are polynomials?

Polynomials are algebraic expressions consisting of variables and coefficients. The variables of a polynomial are only raised to positive integer exponents. We can perform arithmetic operations with polynomials such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

How to perform a multiplication of polynomials?

When two or more polynomials are multiplied, we always get a polynomial of higher degree (unless one of the polynomials is a constant). To multiply polynomials, we have to use the distributive property of multiplication. For example:

\( ({{x}^2} +1)(x-2)\)

\( =({{x}^2})(x)+(1)(x)+({{x}^2})(-2)+(1)(-2)\)

\( ={{x}^3}+x-2{{x}^2}-2\)

If you want to learn more about multiplying polynomials, you can visit our article Multiplication of Polynomials.

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