Indefinite Integrals Calculator

Enter only the expression to integrate, ignore the equals sign and f(x).


With this calculator, you can get the derivative of the expression entered. You can enter polynomials, trigonometric expressions, exponential expressions, among others.

How to use the indefinite integral calculator?

Step 1: Enter the expression to be integrated in the first input box. Consider the recommendations of the following question to enter expressions correctly.

Step 2: Enter the variable for which to integrate into the second input box. In most cases, the variable is x.

Step 3: Click “Integrate” to get the indefinite integral of the entered expression.

Step 4: The integral along with the original expression will be displayed at the bottom.

How to enter expressions in the calculator?

To enter functions correctly, we only need to consider the expression on the right side of the equals sign. For example, if we have the function f(x)=x+1, we must enter x+1.

Next, we must use * to indicate multiplication between coefficients and variables. For example, we enter 4*x or 5*x, instead of 4x or 5x. Also, we use the ^ sign to indicate an exponent. That is, 3*x^2 indicates that x is being squared.

Finally, we can use the / sign to write fractions. With the use of parentheses, we can express the fraction correctly. The following are some examples of how to enter expressions correctly:

  • To integrate \(f(x)=x^2+5x-5\), enter x^2+5*x-5 and the variable x.
  • To integrate \(f(t)=\frac{2}{3}t^2+\frac{1}{3}t\), enter 2/3*t^2+1/3*t and the variable t.
  • To integrate \(f(x)=\frac{1}{5*x}+\frac{1}{5x^3}\), enter 1/(5*x)+1/(5*x^3) and the variable x.

What are indefinite integrals?

An indefinite integral is a function F, which when derived produces the original function f. Taking the indefinite integral is simply reversing differentiation, in the same way that division reverses multiplication.

The main characteristic of indefinite integrals is that they contain a constant of integration, usually expressed with the letter C.

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